Properties of synthetic frames 
Heat insulation
The plastic frames preclude condensation on the window panes on the inside of the house and meet the highest requirements for thermal insulation. 
The reinforced steel and the appropriate choice of the glass in plastic frames,   ensure excellent noise protection. 

Resistant to extreme weather conditions
The plastic frames are ideal for areas with extreme weather conditions because it is not affected by them and maintain the excellent properties even after many years of use.  Even the plastic frames suitable for buildings  near the sea exposed to strong winds, salinity, heavy rains and are 100% tightness. 

Variety of designs
H range of designs of synthetic frames can satisfy all tastes. The plastic frames can be applied to single-family homes, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, schools, modern office complexes.
They do not need maintenance
The plastic frames  don't need painting and resistant to termites. The maintenance is limited to simple cleaning and contains no additional cost.
The plastic frames are durability, stability, strength and color remains intact.
Ecological product
A linden leaf is the hallmark of the GreenLine series. It comes from a new PVC product is particularly environmentally friendly. A lively and always revolving piece of nature to represent the thinking of the GreenLine series.
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