Wooden frames

Wooden frames
In Greece the timber as material of manufacture exterior and internal frames is first and for a lot of years the prevailing choice for the constructors and the users of buildings of residence. It is usually selected in buildings of residence for the heat and his traditional appearance. 
The wooden frames suit exceptionally in residences and xenodocheiakes units in mountain and sea.
The company undertakes the manufacture and placement of wooden frames in all Paros with professionalism and responsibility. 
We undertake:
- Wooden doors internal - exterior
- French windows
- Windows
- Shutters
Call us to discuss what is the best solution for your own space. 
Our company collaborates with Roto and the colours that use are ecological (Adler - Sikkens).
Advantages of wooden frames 
The wooden frames have exceptional heat insulation. 
In studio sound they use wooden surfaces for the ichomonosi and this because the wooden frames have exceptional ichomonosi.
The timber is from the few materials that can cope with so much difficult conditions as those of sea. The timber does not suffer anodiosi, is not polymerized and more generally it is who reliable material for use in environment near the sea.
One of the most important advantages of wooden frames is that they can be easily maintained and become as new. 
It is easy in his treatment, it has the possibility of be worked even with limited technical means.
The timber is material friendly to the environment, renewable, recycled and completely biodegradable.
The wooden frames are dyed with ecological colors of water, that provide for them very big time of life, they do not require big care and in the event deterioration it can very easily be repaired. Still you can select any color you you even want for your frames bicolor (that is to say other colour in the interior of frames and other color in their abroad).